IP 관련 사이트

[ Government or General Office ]

  1. World Trade Organization(WTO)
  2. Korean Supreme Court
    Search Korean Cases.
  3. Korean Supreme Prosecute Office
  4. US Supreme Courts
  5. US Trade Representitive(USTR)

[ Intellectual Property Office ]

  1. World Intellectual Property Organization(WIPO)
  2. Australian Patent Office
  3. Austrian Patent Office
  4. Brazilian Patent Office
  5. Canadian Intellectual Property Office
  6. China Patent Office
  7. Croatian Patent Office
  8. Danish Patent Office
  9. EM(OHIM)
  10. European Patent Office
  11. Finland National Board of Patents and Registration
  12. Germany Patent Office
  13. Hong Kong Government Intellectual Property Department
  14. Hungarian Patent Office
  15. Japanese Patent Office
  16. Korean Patent Office
  17. Malaysia Patent Office
  18. New Zealand Patent Office
  19. Peruvian Intellectual Property Office
  20. Poland Patent Office
  21. Portugal Patent Office
  22. Romania Patent Office
  23. Spanish Office of Patents and Trademarks
  24. Swedish Patent and Registration Office
  25. United Kingdom Patent Office
  26. U.S. Patents and Trademarks Office
  27. U.S. Copyright Office

[ Intellectual Property Right Law Journal ]

  1. Fordham Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal
    Fordham Law School
  2. Intellectual Property Law Journal
    University of Baltimore
  3. Intellectual Property and Technology Forum
    Boston College Law School
  4. Intellectual Property & Technology Law Review
    University of Pittsburgh School of Law
  5. Intellectual Property Legal Society Newsletter
    University of Illinois
  6. Intellectual Property Publications
    Franklin Pierce Law Center
  7. Journal of Intellectual Property Law
    University of Georgia
  8. Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal
    University of Texas

[ Associates of Study Group ]

  1. Korea Digital Property Law Association
  2. Associates for Study of Intellectual Property Right Law
  3. Korea Industrial Property Law Association

Sites Related Law


[ Homepage of Law School ]

  1. Boston University School of Law
  2. Cornell University Law School
  3. Emory University School of Law
  4. Harvard Law School

[ Technology Law Journal ]

  1. Berkeley Technology Law Journal
    Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California, Berkeley
  2. Boston University Journal of Science & Technology Law
    Boston University School of Law
  3. Computer Law Review and Technology Journal
    Southern Methodist University
  4. Federal Communications Law Journal
    Indiana University, Bloomington
  5. Harvard Journal of Law & Technology
    Harvard Law School
  6. IDEA: The Journal of Law and Technology
    Franklin Pierce Law Center
  7. International Journal of Law and Information Technology
    University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland
  8. International Journal of Law and Information Technology
    Oxford Press
  9. John Marshall Journal of Computer & Information Law
    John Marshall Law School
  10. Journal of Information, Law and Technology
    University of Warwick and University of Strathclyde
  11. Journal of Online Law
    College of William and Mary
  12. Journal of Technology Law and Policy
    University of Florida
  13. Jurimetrics Journal of Law, Science and Technology
    Arizona State University
  14. Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review
    University of Michigan
  15. On-Line Law Review
    Southampton Institute of Law
  16. Richmond Journal of Law & Technology
    University of Richmond
  17. Santa Clara School of Law Computer and High Technology Law Journal
    Santa Clara University
  18. Stanford Technology Law Review (STLR)
    Stanford University
  19. UCLA Bulletin of Law and Technology
  20. Villanova Information Law Chronicle
    Villanova University
  21. Virginia Journal of Law and Technology
  22. Web Journal of Current Legal Issues
  23. West Virginia Journal of Law and Technology (WVJOLT)

[ Sites Related Computer Law ]

  1. Computer Law Observer
    The Computer Law Observer is a FREE monthly electronic newsletter that discusses a wide range of cutting-edge legal issues relating to computers, technology and the Internet.

[ Personal Homepage Related Law ]

  1. Dr. Jeong Wan’s Human & Law Forum
  2. Advisor Jesse Feder’s Homepage
    Copyright Office Hires Policy Planning Advisor

[ Law Resources Search Sites ]

  1. The Internet Lawyer LAW LIBRARY
  2. U.S. Federal Courts Finder( in Emory Law School)
  4. Westlaw(Fee)
  5. Legel.online(Fee)
  6. US Patent Search Site(Fee)


Site-Directory Related Law


  1. Wipo Related Sites
  2. Human & Law Forum sites